Hi-Pro Pressure Products are distributors for a number of global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Our regular communication with these OEMs; interface with our customers and day to day contact with the products, allows us to provide technical support, a high level of service to our customers and valuable feedback to our suppliers for the potential growth and development of their product

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SITEC – Sieber Engineering AG

Hi-Pro Pressure Products' partnership with SITEC has been built on trust and value and respect for each other's expertise. We are the sole UK distributor for all SITEC products.

SITEC are a high pressure product specialist OEM, based in Switzerland. Since 1984, SITEC have been manufacturing superb quality high pressure components.

Hi-Pro Pressure Products’ professional engineering partnership with SITEC has been built on trust and value and respect for each other's expertise. Hi-Pro pressure products are the sole UK distributor for all SITEC products.

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Sprague Products

Hi Pro Pressure Products are privileged to be a distributor of Sprague products, for use in industrial and research applications. Sprague is a leading supplier of pumps and boosters to the petrochemical, utility, aerospace and industrial markets.

The products include air driven hydraulic pumps, gas boosters, power units, which are supported with a complete line of valves and pump accessories. The Sprague S-216 and PowerStar line of pumps offer a range of hydraulic pumps, which offer various liquid pressures up to 2311 bar (33,500 psi).

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McDaniel Controls, Inc

Hi-Pro Pressure Products has a long relationship with McDaniel Controls’ as overseas distributor for their Pressure Gauges. McDaniel stainless steel gauges are engineered to withstand 300% full scale pressure without rupture of the bourdon tube and 130% full scale pressure (for all instruments larger than 2 1/2") without loss of accuracy, making them exceptional in the marketplace today. 

McDaniel developed the first all stainless, liquid fillable, field repairable line of pressure gauges.  With pressure ranges from 1.6” of H20 up through 60,000 psi and dial sizes of 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 4", 4 1/2", 6" and 10".

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Hi-Pro Pressure Products are pleased to be distributor for TOP INDUSTRIE pressure products. They have a range of high pressure autoclaves, pumps, valves, syringe pumps with controlled flow designed for research centres and testing laboratories.

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